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20th anniversary – Interview Tacha

Tacha, dancer and co-founder of Las Carboneras “We maintain the tradition that existed in Madrid of singing the jaleos” «About who would I highlight about my artistic training, I have had many wonderful flamenco teachers with whom I have learned many things, but I, on this occasion, would like to highlight my mother, Pilar Sánchez, […]

20th anniversary – Interview Ana Romero

Ana Romero, dancer and co-founder of Las Carboneras «I am very proud of my home» «In Australia I had several teachers but one of them had spent a lot of time in Spain in a company, his name was Mario Orbitani. He really was a huge influence on me because he showed me how companies […]

Fernando de la Rua

Brazilian guitarist born in Itapeva (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and living in Madrid since 2000. Musician and composer of the albums “Nuances” (2012) and “Aural” (2017), He has a hybrid language of flamenco with harmonic elements of Brazilian music, creating original themes for shows with choreographic productions. Its main artistic and professional references are the Amor […]

Gabriel Matías

Brazilian dancer born in 1994, he has lived with flamenco since he was little. Robinson Gambarra and Juliana Prestes are among the teachers he had when he started dancing at age 11 in Porto Alegre. Later, he forms part of the Companhia de Flamenco del Puerto and dances in important performing arts festivals throughout Brazil […]

Pau Vallet

Born in Barcelona in a family of musicians. When he was very young he started playing the guitar and finished his training with the maestro Juan Manuel Cañizares. At the same time, he performs on tablaos in Barcelona and also plays with jazz artists such as Marco Mezquida, Marc Miralta or Ernesto Aurignac. In 2016 […]

Alejandra Gudí

The dancer from Almería, winner of the first national award by alegrías La Perla de Cádiz in 2018, has worked in dance companies of recognized national and international level such as that of Antonio El Pipa, in the shows “Pasión y ley”, “Vivencias”, “De tablao” and “Puertas adentro”; the flamenco company of Carmen Cortés in […]

Eduardo Cortés

Eduardo Cortés was born in Barcelona in 1980. He began studying flamenco guitar at the age of 14 with guitarist José Luis Montón. He continues his training at the Barcelona Taller de Músics. Professionally, he began his career at the age of 15 at La Tani dance company. He has worked for the flamenco companies […]

Luís “El Granaíno”

Luis “El Granaíno” is a singer born in Barcelona in 1988 from a family of singers and guitarists from Granada, among them Luis Heredia “El Polaco”, La Nitra, Juaneke or his father the cantaor Justo Fernández.   From a very young age, about 5 or 7 years old, he was already in the peñas next […]

Kélian Jiménez

Born in Madrid in 1979, Kélian Jiménez belongs to a family of professional flamenco guitar musicians. His musical education comes from his childhood for belonging to one of the Madrid neighborhoods, Caño Roto, where flamenco has been and is the cradle of great artists. His training in flamenco dance was acquired by professionals of great […]

Laura Fúnez

Laura Fúnez (Madrid, 1996) is a graduate in Spanish dance at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma. He obtains several awards, among which the Outstanding Dancer in the IV Certamen Coreográfico de Tetuán and the first Prize of the V Concurso Internacional de Danza de Almería. Currently, she is a solo dancer and dance […]