Gabriel Matías

Brazilian dancer born in 1994, he has lived with flamenco since he was little. Robinson Gambarra and Juliana Prestes are among the teachers he had when he started dancing at age 11 in Porto Alegre. Later, he forms part of the Companhia de Flamenco del Puerto and dances in important performing arts festivals throughout Brazil with the shows “Las cuatro esquinas” (2012) and “Consonantes” (2014), being awarded twice with the Açorianos Award Dança in the best dancer category. In 2015 he established his residence in Madrid and entered the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila where he obtained a higher degree in dance in the specialty of Pedagogy of flamenco dance. He has also trained with dancers such as Isabel Bayón, Rafaela Carrasco, Belén Fernández, Alfonso Losa, Marco Flores and Eva Yerbabuena. He is a constant presence in the programming of Madrid’s flamenco tablaos such as Café de Chinitas, Las Carboneras, Torres Bermejas, Corral de la Pacheca or Café Ziryab, which he combines with his work in important companies, including those of Antonio Canales and Javier Latorre, performing at festivals such as Madrid en Danza or the Jerez Flamenco Festival. In 2018 he was recognized with the Madrid Premio Talento Flamenco granted by the Cristina Hereen Foundation and, recently, with the Premio Extraordinario del Festival de Jerez as Best Professional Solo Male Figure in the framework of the 2019 Pure Flamenco International Competition. Currently, he is part of the Compañía Rafaela Carrasco and continues to tour with her first show as an author, entitled “ELLOS”, premiered within the programming of the Jerez Flamenco Festival 2020.