Luís “El Granaíno”

Luis “El Granaíno” is a singer born in Barcelona in 1988 from a family of singers and guitarists from Granada, among them Luis Heredia “El Polaco”, La Nitra, Juaneke or his father the cantaor Justo Fernández.


From a very young age, about 5 or 7 years old, he was already in the peñas next to the big ones. Then he began acting with figures such as Karime Amaya, Mercedes Amaya “La Winy” and working in recent years with the best: Antonio Canales, on several occasions, Rafael Amargo, Duquende, El Pele, Farruquito and, in the Tablao Cordobés de Barcelona, with some of the most outstanding artists of today, such as Juan de Juan, Farru, José Maya, La Tana, La Fabi, Paloma Fantova, Marco Flores.

He has also shared the stage with Manuel Fernández “El Carpeta”, El Yiyo, Pepe Flores, Montse Cortés and Olga Llorente.