Kélian Jiménez

Born in Madrid in 1979, Kélian Jiménez belongs to a family of professional flamenco guitar musicians. His musical education comes from his childhood for belonging to one of the Madrid neighborhoods, Caño Roto, where flamenco has been and is the cradle of great artists.

His training in flamenco dance was acquired by professionals of great prestige and name such as Manolete, El Güito, La China, María Magdalena, Antonio Canales, Adrián Galia and, in contemporary dance, Teresa Nieto, Lola Greco, as well as in several training centers.

His debut was at age twelve through the company of Rafael Aguilar and with the play “Carmen”, next to Teresa Berganza. Then came his belonging to the company of Antonio Canales for four years with the works “Torero“, “Narciso”, “Cinderella”, “La casa de Bernarda Alba“, “Raíz” and “Gitano”.

Then came his involvement in the foundation of the Arrieritos company with the creation of different shows nominated for the Max awards in 2006 and 2007.

In addition, he has worked with the companies of El Güito, Lola Greco, Hermanos Losada, Esther Ponce and Paco Suárez, among others.

Currently, in addition to teaching dance courses, he continues acting in tablaos such as Las Carboneras and in theaters.