Eduardo Cortés

Eduardo Cortés was born in Barcelona in 1980. He began studying flamenco guitar at the age of 14 with guitarist José Luis Montón. He continues his training at the Barcelona Taller de Músics.

Professionally, he began his career at the age of 15 at La Tani dance company. He has worked for the flamenco companies of Antonio Canales, Sara Baras and María Pagés and has accompanied dancers such as Farruquito, Pepe Torres, Pastora Galván, Israel Galván, Manolete, El Toleo, Javier Latorre, Eva La Yerbabuena, Belén Maya, Belén Fernández, Manuel Liñán or Marco Flores.

He has shared the stage with José Jiménez “El Viejín”, Jesús de Rosario, Niño Josele, Tomatito, El Paquete, Manuel Parrilla, Montoyita and Juan Manuel Cañizares.

His guitar has accompanied sing figures such as La Susi, Ramón El Portugués, Estrella Morente, Montse Cortés, Remedios Amaya, Guadiana, Pepe Luis Carmona, Miguel de la Tolea or El Falo.

He has participated in the recording of albums by Manuel Carrasco, Diego El Cigala, Montse Cortés, Parrita, Josep Mas “Kitflus”, Carlos Martín, Javier Limón, Michael Ciro and Antonio Carmona. In addition, he composes songs for different artists.

He has been the musical director of the Rafael Amargo dance company and has participated in the play “Los Tarantos”, the first flamenco musical, based on the novel by Alfredo Mañas.

He tours all over the world and his guitar is required for both dance and singing. He currently works in his studio for the Netflix network and producing music such as that of the show by bailaora Olga Llorente, “Gala, una mirada eterna”.