Adrián Santana

This dancer began his training with his uncle the great dancer Pepito Vargas and continued his studies at the Conservatory of Dance in Málaga, his hometown. In 2010 he receives the 2nd prize at the XIX Choreography Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Madrid with his piece “Siempre me pasa lo mismo”, which will premiere later in the Pradillo venue in Madrid with great success. In the year 2018, he obtains the segundo premio del Festival de Cante de las Minas.

Together with ”Siempre me pasa lo mismo”, he has produced with his own company the shows ”Simbiosis’” and ”’Las cuatro esquinas del Perchel’‘. In colaboration wth Esencia Flamenca, he participates as director and choreographer in three productions that opened in Asia: ”La Partida”, ”Convivencia” and ”The Elements”.

He has been part of the best dance companies in the country highlighting Aída Gómez, Carlos Saura, Manuel Liñán-Daniel Doña, Margaret Jova Producciones, Carlos Chamorro, Concha Jareño and Rocío Molina, sharing the stage with artists as Maria Pagés, Lola Greco, Javier Latorre, Belén Maya, Pastora Galván, Nani Paños, Concha Jareño or Rafael Estévez in stages and festivals such as Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez, Flamenco Festival London/New York and the Acropolis in Greece and many others.

He has been directed in various productions by artists of great prestige as the master Granero and Antonio Canales and he has performed in tablaos as Casa Patas, Villa Rosa, Las Carboneras, Corral de la Morería, El Cordobés and El Arenal.

The dancer has participated in different shows held in the in the program of importants festivals as the Festival Flamenco of Albuquerque, Bienal of Málaga and Festival de Jerez, among others.

In addition to his experience as a dancer, he teaches courses in different cities and conservatories in Spain and abroad.


Interview Adrián Santana

“My beginnings were with my uncle Pepito Vargas, who was my teacher and who taught me everything about flamenco, all the palos and to dance by right. From the age of nine, I combined with my studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Malaga, where I studied all the disciplines: classical, classical Spanish, flamenco, folklore, etc.

»As for the artistic trajectory, note that I have been soloist of the company of Aida Gómez and that I have danced with her in festivals as important as Jerez or in the Acropolis of Greece. I have also performed with Rocío Molina in different festivals, highlighting the City Center of New York within the program of Flamenco Festival. In solo projects, as a professional, I took the second prize at the Madrid Certamen Coreográfico in 2010 with the piece “Siempre me pasa lo mismo” and with that same piece I did my first show that premiered in the “La otra mirada del flamenco” in Sala Pradillo and took it abroad. It was my first and most special set up. I had the opportunity to choreograph a show along with two Asian girls, entitled La partida which premiered in Hong Kong and was performed in Japan.

»With my own company, the last show Simbiosis, premiered in Granada in the Veranos del Corral, was performed at the Málaga Festival and with it I travel to the Festival of Alburquerque for its 30th anniversary. In February of this year I made a residence in Albuquerque and I have created a piece for the company Hijastros.

Within my training, el tablao is a super important part and it is very necessary for any artist who engages in flamenco, it is a school that must be passed and where the artist really does as a professional and where he or she forms as an artist. It is a school where you enjoy a lot and for me it is necessary not to stop being there and maybe it is one of the places where I enjoy the most and where I learn most from the colleagues with whom I share».