Lucía Campillo

Lucía Campillo, born in Murcia in 1987, she began her studies at the Professional Dance Conservatory of Murcia, finishing her degree at the Madrid Conservatory of Dance. He has trained with masters such as Jose Antonio Ruiz, Merche Esmeralda, Aida Gómez, Juana Amaya, Aurora Bosch, among others.

In 2006 she entered the Studio Workshop of the National Ballet of Spain under the direction of Jose Antonio Ruiz, participated in the film “Iberia” by Carlos Saura and later began her professional career in the Company of Antonio Gades. In 2010 she joined the National Ballet of Spain under Jose Antonio Ruiz and, later, under the command of Antonio Najarro. Participates in the repertoire shows in the soloist category and tour the main national and international festivals with shows such as “Ritmos”, “Medea“, “La leyenda”, etc.

She has been part of companies such as Maria Pagés, Rojas and Rodríguez and the show “Gala Flamenca” directed by Miguel Ángel Rojas. She has shared the stage with artists such as Antonio Canales, Karime Amaya, Carlos Rodríguez and Jesús Carmona, with whom she played the pas de deux “Trilla A7” and currently collaborates in the shows “7 balcones” and “Ímpetus“.

In 2016, her piece “La imperfecta” obtains the prizes of “best dancer”, “best musical composition” and “best costume design” in the Spanish dance and flamenco contest in Madrid.

She works in the main flamenco tablaos of Spain such as Corral de la Morería, Tablao Cordobés, Tablao Villarosa, Casa Patas and now Las Carboneras, in Madrid. In 2017 she is invited by the Tablao Flamenco Garlochí in Tokyo.

She is required by the University of Albuquerque and schools in Mexico, Boston, Hong Kon, Japan, China, among other places, showing and teaching her versatility in different specialties and with the different elements of Spanish dance and flamenco.