Víctor Márquez “Tomate”

Cordoba guitarist descendant of a family of flamenco guitarists known as “Los Tomates de Cordoba”, he begins his apprenticeship with nine years under the tutelage of his cousin Juan Manuel Muñoz “El Tomate”. His teaching continues by his uncle Juan “El Tomate”, instructing him in the accompaniment to singing. Professionally, he has worked on numerous shows and companies, highlighting Rafael Amargo, José Porcel, Manuel Liñán, Rafael Martos, Antonio Canales, Guadalupe Torres, Cecilia Gómez, Adrián Santana and Olga Pericet, among others. He usually works in tablaos as Flamenco (Tokyo), and, in Madrid, Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, El Corral de la Pacheca, Casa Patas, Cardamomo, Las Tablas, among others.

Interview Víctor Márquez “El Tomate”


«Well, from my apprenticeship I highlight Juanma “El Tomate”. He taught me a lot about the flamenco styles and the guitar for dance because from the age of 11 I used to get involved with him at the dance academy every afternoon. With him I learned a lot accompanying the dance, while I spent a year living with my uncle Juan “El Tomate”, with whom I learned a lot from accompanying to sing. My brother was also very much involved, he sang equally and I learned a lot thanks also to him.

»At home, from my childhood, I remember joining the family and it was always a party. My cousins always played the guitar, my parents and my brothers sang.

»About the tablao I highlight everything. It’s what I like the most, every day is different, I really enjoy the improvisation of dancing and singing. There are moments in the tablao that make you feel free, without seting up anything, only what comes out in the moment. There are incredible days».