Olga Llorente

Olga Aznar García, better known as Olga Llorente (Sant Adrià de Besós, Barcelona, ​​1990), is a dancer and choreographer. Graduated in Spanish Dance at the Professional Conservatory of Barcelona (Institut del Teatre). Training at the La Tani flamenco school and at the Pilar Domínguez school. Later she received classes from teachers such as Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre, Farruquito, La Chana, Marco Flores, Belén Fernández, Rafael del Carmen, Rafaela Carrasco, Carmen Ledesma, Antonio El Pipa, Eva Yerbabuena, Belén Maya, among many others.

She has collaborated as a dancer in the film “Flamenco” by director Carlos Saura. She has performed in the festival Más y Más in the tablao Los Tarantos (August 2008); in the play “Fedra” directed by Javier Latorre and Miguel Narros sharing the stage with Lola Greco, Alejandro Granados, Amador Rojas, Carmelilla Montoya (2009-10); at the festival in Gorbió (France) in 2013; at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid with Rafael Amargo (2013); in the show  Ópera y Flamenco at the Poliorama theater and Palau de la Música in Barcelona (2013/14); at the Teatro Real (Madrid) with Ara Malikian in November 2014; in the Generalife gardens at the Granada and Lorca Festival as the first dancer with the show “Poeta en Nueva York” by Rafael Amargo (2015); in the company of Antonio Canales (2015); at the Jazz Festival of AARUS with Perico Sambeat and the Jazz Orchestra of Denmark (2016 and 2017).

She has collaborated as a choreographer in the show of José Agudo (choreographer/ assistant of Akram Kham) in his show “Silk Road“.

She has performed and toured Colombia, Santo Domingo, China, Israel, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Argentina, Morocco, etc.

She has danced in the following tablaos: Los Tarantos, Tablao de Carmen, El Molino and El Cordobés (Barcelona), Los Gallos, El Arenal and Cristina Hoyos Museum (Seville), Tablao Albaicín (Granada), Tablao Villarosa, Corral de la Morería, Casa Patas, Tablao Cantares, Las Carboneras and La Estación de los Porches (Madrid). She performed in Japan at the tablao El Flamenco in 2010-2011 and in Garlochi in 2017-2018

She has shared the stage with artists such as Pastora Galván, El Farru, José Maya, Marco Flores, Manuel Liñán, La Repompa, Belén Maya, Diego Carrasco, Juan Ogalla, El Junco, Rafael del Carmen, Barullo, etc.

“Vicente Escudero” Award for her dance by seguirilla in 2006 at the VIII Young Values ​​Competition of the city of L’Hospitalet. First prize in Spanish Dance at the Dance Contest of the city of Castellón, 2009. Contest of the Perla de Cádiz, prize for free dance for siguirilla in 2013.


Interview Olga Llorente


«For me it was a very significant change of stage the moment I went to Madrid to live, opening my mind and seeing flamenco in a different way: much wider, different styles …

»In my dance I have been influenced by many teachers, trying to have my own personality, but at the same time influencing myself by maestros like Juana Amaya, Antonio Canales, Carmen Amaya, La Chana, among many others.

»For me tablao is where authentic flamenco is lived, the audience that comes to a tablao receives very closely everything a dancer throws off with his or her dance.

For me it is one of the places where I feel better because the communication I have with my colleagues is very close, it is as if we had a conversation in which each one intervenes, contributing with everything he or she has. It is the place where I let all my emotions flow. I always try to keep moving forward and the tablao is the place that gives me the opportunity to continue with my learning ».