Juan José Villar

Juan José Villar

Juan José Villar is a young bailaor of Cádiz, the most recent link in the Villar saga and the Jinetos, a lineage of Cádiz artists that began with his grandfather, singer Juanito Villar, and continued with his father, also singer Juan Villar Junior. His mother, Susana Gómez, is also an artist, being in his case bailaora.

He felt the call of the flamenco from very short age, and with only 8 years he already danced on the scene of the Peña Flamenca La Perla de Cádiz.

She has received a classical dance training. He has graduated from Seville’s professional dance conservatory Antonio Ruiz Soler, and has also taken courses with artists such as Concha Jareño, Juan Ogalla, Mercedes de Córdoba, Pepe Torres, La Lupi, Farruquito, Ángel Muñoz, David Paniagua, El Güito and also with Olga Pericet.

En 2006 se embarca en una gira por Japón acompañado por sus padres durante 45 días. Un año después entra en el Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Luis del Río, de Córdoba, y en 2009 participa en el conocido programa de Canal Sur llamado “Mi primer olé”.

In 2006 he embarked on a tour of Japan accompanied by his parents for 45 days. A year later he entered the Professional Conservatory of Dance Luis del Río, in Córdoba, and in 2009 he participated in the well-known program of Canal Sur called “Mi primer olé”.

During five summers, from 2010 to 2015, he returns to Japan to perform in Tokio, Osaka, Nagano and Okinawa.

In 2011 he is part of the company of Yolanda Osuna presenting “Vivencias flamencas” at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba. A year later he obtained the first prize of the Flamenco Dance Contest of Villa de Guillena (Seville).

In 2014 he worked in “Fitur por Córdoba flamenca” (Madrid) and in 2015 he received the third dance prize for alegrías of the National Contest of La Perla de Cádiz and presented his first show, “Es el momento”, at the Teatro Central Lechera (Cádiz) with great public and critical success.

In 2016, he won the first prize in the flamenco dance contest of of Tablao Las Carboneras (Madrid) That same year was chosen among many artists of Andalusia to act like invited artist in the spectacle “Improvisao”, of Farruquito, in Teatro Quintero (Seville), as well as in “Bailaores” along with Joni el Remache and El Carpeta.

He has made several tours, including one for Azerbaijan with the show “Chicuco” by Sergio Monroy, and has also participated in the Seville Biennial with the children’s show “La sirenita entre mares andaluces”, produced by Flamencos por el Mundo and where he starred the main character.

In 2017, he toured Japan for nine days.
He has performed in Tablao Cordobés and Los Tarantos, in Barcelona, and in El Arenal, in Sevilla.
Throughout his professional career he has shared stage with artists such as Carmen Ledesma, Pepe Torres, Almudena Serrano and Choro Molina, among many others.

«Tablao dance is a way of understanding flamenco»

«About tablao dancing I think it’s a professional stage in flamenco that makes people who are just starting out and also veterans to learn to unify each other, because dancing, singing and playing are intuitive and improvised. It is a way to understand flamenco and to show the audience what it used to be, that they simply sang to you and you danced what came out of your heart. There was no tutoring or assembly before. It’s really where I most like to dance because it’s that: you think of nothing else than dancing.»