Irene La Sentío

Irene La Sentío

She approaches the dance together with Juan de los Reyes and Juana Amaya to continue training with the greats: Antonio Canales, the Farruco Family ( ), Fuensanta La Moneta, Adela Campallo… and thanks to her tenacity, strength and natural ability to convey emotions, she soon gains the nickname of La Sentío ( ) with which La Farruca named her.

From there, she began her professional career in the flamenco peñas of the Andalusian capital ( ) and managed to become a finalist of the International Festival of Cante de las Minas de La Unión in 2008.

With Farruca and Farruquito as artistic godparents, Irene participates in shows of great projection with which she attends festivals like the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla – where she performs for the first time in 2010 with “Sonerías” – and the best theaters in Spain and Latin America thanks to proposals like “Baile flamenco” ( ).

Later, La Sentío debuts her show “De mi faldiquera” ( ) and starts an unstoppable international career until today, performing tours with dancers such as Farruco, Óscar de los Reyes, Sergio Aranda and Jairo Barrull, and forming part of the programming of the main festivals of the world in flamenco such as Mont de Marsan, the Flamenco Festival in Rome, the Biennial of Flamenco Art in Málaga or the Flamenco Festival in Ibiza.

With the eagerness to impregnate herself with new airs, she also collaborates in more open projects with Tito Losada, the Chekara Orchestra of Tetouan, Jaco Abel or the pianist Miriam Méndez. And she combines her artistic career with that of teaching, teaching courses both in Spain and abroad (Greece, Italy, France, New York or Canada).

In addition, La Sentío is a regular dancer of the best tablaos in Seville (El Arenal, Flamenco Dance Museum, Casa de la Memoria), Barcelona (Tablao Cordobés, Tablao de Carmen and Los Tarantos) and Madrid (Tablao Las Carboneras, Tablao Villa-Rosa, Casa Patas, Cardamomo).

“In the tablao you get in touch with the truth of each one,”

«At the training level, I would highlight the first years I arrived in Sevilla and began to study flamenco with Juan de los Reyes and Juana Amaya and, above all, later with the Farruco Family who are the ones who have marked my beginnings and especially, La Farruca ( ), who has been my teacher. Then I have received training from great professionals and, to this day, with all the companions with whom I continue studying not only in classes but in the daily work of tablao, where I am aware how much  I have learned.

»I would emphasize having been part of Farruquito’s company ( ), which for me was a before and after, especially at the level of great experience, to act in a theater, in company and with such good artists as those who work with him. In addition, with the company of Farruco, the brother, we were in Colombia and in Turkey with a show called “Flamenconcierto”.

»Apart from all that, I love the tablao, you have to go through the tablao to really learn what it is to dance, because it is not the same to dance in a company where things are fixed than the tablao, where you arrive and no one knows what is going to happen. I compare it a little with a temple, a sanctuary where you can live a mystical experience due to improvisation, unexpected things happen that is when you really learn, in my case I have learned to dance in the tablao, apart from everywhere else. In the tablao one comes in contact with the truth of each one. I have a lot of respect for that factor of improvisation and magic that arises and, particularly in Las Carboneras (–wGuSuBQ ), I love to work there because it breathes exactly what I’m talking about: that improvisation factor, magic and to be aware of the comrades. And above all what it imposes on me is the wisdom of Uncle Angel, Tacha, Ana, they are people who know a lot and have a lot of experience in flamenco. This imposes to me from the appreciation and respect and, at the same time, it motivates me because I know that it is a place where you can enjoy all the good artists there are and the good atmosphere and good vibes that there is always».