Ines Rubio


She began her training in flamenco venues in the province of Tarragona, being her first teacher Jerez dancer Jaime Cala, until with 25 years she trained in Barcelona at the academy of La Tani. At 28 she settled in Seville, taking classes with great teachers like Eva la Yerbabuena, Juana Amaya, Farruquito, among others.


She has worked in tablaos throughout Spain such as El Cordobés, Corral de la Moreria, Los Tarantos, tablao de Carmen Amaya, Casa Patas, Las Carboneras.

In 2012 she toured Japan with artists such as Enrique El Extremeño and Juan José Amador.

  • She was part of the cast of the first flamenco company of Tarragona with the show: Tarraconeando.
  • She has released several shows in the province of Tarragona sharing the stage with artists such as Marina Heredia, El Pele, Jesús Carmona, Antonio Canales, among others.


First prize “Anilla la gitana” of Ronda

Semifinalist in the international singing contest of Las Minas.

First prize in the Concurso Nacional Villa de Guillena.

Inés Rubio Interview


«The tablao is my house»


«Something significant in my training was my first trip to Seville to train. Until that moment I did not have flamenco in the foreground in my life due to other people’s causes and, once I came to Seville and got more into the world of flamenco and saw that it was what I wanted, I fell madly in love and decided to leave everything, work and so on, to launch myself fully. It was a vacation from a job that I had at the time and that had nothing to do with flamenco. And I decided that I was going to throw myself in the pool with everything and go forward. One of the culprits was Farruquito, which was a before and after in this for me.

»At first, Farruquito and Sevila were the reasons for me wanting to do this. Another thing that also marked a before and after were the contests, preparing to introduce myself to the competitions, exploring more my body, my dance, my mind. That also marked a before and after. One of the people who has helped me most in my career is my husband, Ñoño, who has made me understand many things with his music, and with his words and advice. The truth is that I feel fortunate to have a person who has helped me so much. And also my father-in-law, Enrique “El Extremeño”, who any doubt I have had, I have always had the pleasure of being able to count on him and ask him to clarify myself. And that is a very great privilege.

»Well, tablao for me is the most important thing in my career. I dreamed of going to a tablao and, now that I am going to a tablao, I am still dreaming over it. It is a super beautiful feeling, a lot of learning, I do not stop learning, I do not stop wanting more and it is a feeling … It is where I feel more legal with myself, in the tablao it is where I am most sincere and where I can be free. The tablao I can say that it is my house, I love it and it is one of the places where I feel better ».