Hugo López

Hugo López

(Córdoba, 1989). He began his training at Luis del Río Dance Conservatory (Córdoba) and at the flamenco dance academy of his sister and teacher, Encarna López. Afterwards and during two years, he complements his knowledge in the Andalusian Center of Dance of Seville. He has also studied together with established artists and choreographers such as Javier Latorre, whom he is considered disciple, Antonio Canales, Rocío Molina, Rubén Olmo, F

arruquito or Joaquín Grilo.

As corps de ballet he has been part of several companies: Dos por medio and Cía, by Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños, in the show “Flamenco XXI: Ópera, Café y Puro” (prize for the best show at the Festival de Jerez 2008); acting in the Flamenco Biennial of Málaga or in the Veranos de la Villa (Madrid); with the company of Javier Latorre in the show “Bailando a Camarón“, premiered in la Linea de la  Concepción in 2009; “El Duende y el Reloj“, represented at the Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2010 and at the Festival de Jerez; in “Fedra”, coming to play the role of “Hipólito”, along with Alejandro Granados, Carmelilla Montoya or the national dance award 2009, Lola Greco. This last work has been represented in Naples, Festival of the Guitar of Córdoba, Almagro, Mérida, etc. With the company of Nuria Leiva, during the programming of La Chumbera in 2011 (Granada). With Shoji Kojima, in the play “La Celestina”, premiered at the Ginza Theater in Tokyo, conceived entirely in Japan and also represented during the Festival de Jerez 2011. Cía. Proyecto Gr (by Manuel Liñán and Daniel Doña), in the show titled “REW“, premiered during 2012 at Teatro Paco Rabal in Madrid and also represented in Bilbao and Milan. Again, with the company of Javier Latorre, with a solo role in the show “Delicatessen”, represented during the 11th International Festival of Viva España in Moscow, sharing stage with Javier Latorre, Fuensanta “La Moneta” and Concha Jareño. With Manuel Liñán and La Moneta in the play “Duende“, represented in the cycle “Lorca and Granada in Los Jardines del Generalife”, during the year 2013.

As soloist: “FATUM-The Force of Destiny” directed by Javier Latorre; Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía (2013-2016), under the direction of Rafaela Carrasco; Animacor Awards Gala 2009; Benicassin International Festival (2008); Tablao Flamenco El Cordobés, from Barcelona, ​​where he has usually performed since 2008 and where he has shared stage with great artists such as “La Susi”, Guadiana or Pastora Galván, among others; Tablao Las Carboneras; Gala charity “Flamencos por Japón”, joint performance with the Guitars Orchestra of Cordoba, directed by José Manuel Hierro, also playing the role of choreographer; Noche Blanca del Flamenco (Córdoba); Los Veranos del Corral 2011 (Granada); cycle “Flamenco viene del Sur” (2011-2012), in the Central Theater of Seville; Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, in 2012, at the Alameda Theater; XVII Festival of Jerez, within the cycle “Paso a dos. Maestros y Jóvenes”, along with Javier Latorre; Festival of Cante Grande of Puente Genil 2012.

Prizes and recognitions: first prize “Ciudad de Córdoba”, granted by the Peña Flamenca of the Campo de la Verdad (2003); first prize in the National Contest of Flamenco Art of Mijas (2006); first prize in the Andalusian Young Flamenco Contest 2010, organized by the Andalusian Institute of Youth.