Vanesa Coloma

Vanesa Coloma

After having participated as a guest artist and as a soloist in the companies of Belén Maya, Jesús Carmona, Rocío Molina, Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñán or Noche Flamenca and of having collaborated in fifteen shows:
FlamenKlorica”, by Vanesa Coloma; “7 balcones”, “4 adjectives” and “Equilibrio flamenco”, by Jesús Carmona; “Tauro” and 2 en compañía”, de by Manuel Liñán;
“Oro viejo”, “Cuando las piedras vuelen”, “Almario”, “Turquesa como el limón” de By Rocio Molina;
“Souvenir” y “Dibujos” de Belen Maya;
“Camino flamenco” y ”En Candela”, de Alfonso Losa;
“Mujeres al borde de una bata de cola”, of Yolanda Heredia, with which she has participated in several occasions in the most prestigious flamenco festivals: Seville Biennial, Jerez Festival, Festival de Cante de Las Minas, Suma Flamenca, Madrid en Danza, Flamenco USA Festival, Alburquerque Festival, Mont de Marsan Festival, Nimes Festival, etc.

Undoubtedly we are facing one of the most important artists of her generation. At present, she combines all kinds of collaborations as a guest artist in the different companies mentioned, with her show “FlamenKlorica”, which after being released in Madrid in 2015 and thanks to its great acceptance, this year is part of the Flamenco Festival Madrid 2016, Otoño Flamenco, Festival Tío de la Juliana, Corral del Carbón, Otoños Flamencos.

Also, she is one of the regular guest artists of the Tablao Las Carboneras in Madrid, among other stages.

“My life is a bulería”

«I started studying in the conservatory and already there the ballet teacher put me the motto of the flamenco and told me that life was not a bulería, since my way of acting in the class, wearing pants, was very flamenco since very small. That seemed a bit strange to her, but in the end she was wrong: my life is a bulería. And in a natural way, I started to dance flamenco, dancing in the tablaos of Madrid.
»For me the tablao is the great academy of flamenco, where you really learn to dance and you grow daily and gradually you create there your own personality. The intimacy and sincerity of dancing to simply feel the cante and the guitar only takes place in the tablao. So for me to dance in a tablao is essential for my life, because without that moment of expression I could not vent. And apart from my sensations, I enjoy seeing my mates dancing, turning myself into public and enjoying myself as a child.

My work life, both alone and in company, is intense and I learn a lot from day to day. Working with many people in companies and with such different concepts gives me the learning to embark alone in my new show “FlamenKlorica”, in which I have inspired to pay homage to all those flamenco and folk artists that were very united in the golden age such as Lola Flores La Terremoto or Gabriela Ortega I want to make with this show a nod to that memorable time where the poetry and the own personality of the artists left us an unequaled legacy, which today we remember as one of the best times of flamenco».