Jose Maldonado

Exhibition of flamenco oils by José Maldonado

After the exhibition on tattoos and flamenco by Roberta Venere, some photographs and drawings that have now traveled to Italy, the artistic director of that exhibition, as well as dancer and painter, José Maldonado, brings us a collection of great flamenco-themed oils which will remain in our tablao until the end of August 2017.

José Maldonado, bailaor

Bailaor of Barcelonan origin that from an early age adopts flamenco and art in general as a way of life. Throughout his professional career he works with some of the greatest flamenco figures such as Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales, El Güito or María Pagés among many others. He is said to be a versatile artist, who is able to mix flamenco and dance in a natural way with a unique personality.

In 2013 he obtained the first prize in the Choreography Competition of Madrid for the choreography “Mojácar” and in 2015, for “Trigo limpio”. He currently combines the management of the company José Maldonado with the participation as guest dancer and choreographer in the companies of Manuel Liñán or Guadalupe Torres, among others.

His relationship with the plastic arts was born from an early age. From a young age, in his family nucleus he coexists with painting and design.

His training in this field goes hand in hand with Isabel Llovera and J. Florentí in Barcelona and later in the Academy of drawing and painting ARTIUM Peña of Madrid.
Maldonado focuses his pictorial work on portraiture, always playing with black and white and a dreamlike and fleeting treatment of color.

He navigates between different techniques and the use of various materials, giving his works a great freshness and expressiveness.