Clara Gutierrez

Clara Gutiérrez is born in Córdoba in 1988. She begins to dance at the age of five and subsequently enters the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Córdoba, performing her studies of Spanish Dance.

Combines this training with studies in different dance academies and courses with different artists until she makes her professional leap as a solo dancer and in companies traveling through countries like Morocco, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan and working with artists such as El Pele and Dorantes.

She focuses on the branch of dance as a soloist and begins her career with her own group in different performances, programs and festivales throughout Spain. In addition, she begins to enter to the programming of different tablaos such as Casa Patas, Villa Rosa and Las Carboneras in Madrid, as well as in other cities of the country.

Awarded with prizes such as the first Jóvenes Flamencos de Córdoba, first prize City of Córdoba, third prize La Perla de Cádiz, second prize Villa Rosa, participates in important flamenco competitions such as the Festival de La Unión de Murcia and the Concurso Nacional de Córdoba.

She has worked as a flamenco teacher in different countries, being Japan a regular country for her and in where she lives long periods.

She currently works as a dancer in different tablaos and lives in Madrid. She maintains her dance school in Córdoba and prepares her first show with her own company.