Auxi Fernández

Bailaora and actress, born in Cádiz. Auxi began dancing with only five years of age at the Teatro Andalucía (Cádiz). She has been a guest artist in the shows of great artists such as Chick Corea, Jorge Pardo, Simon Shaheen and Juan Pérez Rodríguez Trío, among others. She has shared the stage with figures such as Carles Benavent, Concha Buika, Niño Josele, La Tana, Sara Baras, among others.

In his journey through the US she creates her shows “Encontrándote” and “Caminos”, which are presented at the prestigious Flamenco Festival in NY.

Other works are “Flamenco”, with which she receives a nomination for best musical theater production of the year 2014 at the ACE (New York) and Aires Flamencos awards for the Flamenco Festival of Chicago 2015.

Auxi also participated in:

Tribute to Paco de Lucía, Cancún.

“Touchtone” DVD by Chick Corea.

DVD “Mariana Pineda”, Company Sara Baras.

DVD “Dreams”, Company Sara Baras.

Photo book “Dream of Don Quixote” by Peter Müller, Sara Baras Company

Photo exhibition “Flamenca NY” by Angelica Escoto.

Collaboration in the flamenco documentary “The Sea is for Everybody” by Yaco Neches.

Collaboration in the film “Flamenco in NY: A Bow to American Producers, Artists and Educators” presented at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Collaboration in the documentary “Flamenyco” by Javier Benitez Zúñiga

Private event for Prince Charles of England at Buckingham Palace, Sara Baras Company

Private event for the Ambassador of Spain in the USA, Cathedral of Washington DC

Image for two different white and red wine labels during the Flamenco Festival Chicago 2014 and 2015, created by City Winer.


«I started at Pilar Ogalla‘s school when I was five years old because I told my mother to write me down. After two months it was the end of the course, so I went on stage at the Andalucía de Cádiz theater, an incredible memory. Then I was with her for six years. For me the training has been at school and on stage. Tanguillos competitions are held in Cádiz, so I was always dancing on stage. When I was eleven years old, I decided to go with María José Franco, where we had a group that was called Revuelo. We won a contest on TV, “Sonrisas y lágrimas”. Then I also went to Cádiz with Charo Cruz, before to Seville to the school of Manolo Marín and later with Chiqui de Jerez, when I was already 15 years old. I went to an audition made by Luis Adame, the owner of El Cordobés, the tablao in Barcelona, ​​and he took me. My parents had to go to take responsibility for me, since I was very young. As it was what I had always wanted, my father and mother, with all the pain in their hearts, let me go to Barcelona. That’s when my professional career began, with Charo in hotels or with María José in peñas like the peña Camarón. And already as a professional I went to El Cordobés, where I arrived with a four-month contract and he wanted to renew me and I spend there 13 months. And because my mother went to get me back, but I would have stayed longer. In that year’s Cádiz festivities Sara Baras performed and auditioned and took me and then also, at 16, for her company. She had to do the show “Juana la Loca” in Chile and “Sueños” at the Teatro Real in Madrid. With her I was three and a half years traveling around the world, at that time Sara worked a lot, with the shows “Sueños” and “Mariana Pineda“.

»While in the United States with Sara, José María Bandera invited me to see Chick Corea‘s show and he met me and later invited me to make a recording at the Palau de la Música and a tour of the USA for two months and another for Japan. as a solo dancer.

»Then I settled in Madrid and started working in the Corral de la Morería and in all the tablaos and going on tour. I was like this until I was 26 years old when I decided to go to the US and, since I am also an actress, I studied acting at Susan Paxton’s school. There I lived four and a half years and the truth is that I had many opportunities, I worked dancing, I produced my shows and I presented them at the Flamenco Festival in New York and Chicago, I did very important performances at private parties. And two years ago I returned to my land, with my people and happy here.

»I feel very comfortable in a tablao, it is much closer to my colleagues and the public and it feels differently, the energy is completely different. So I really enjoy working in a tablao and it’s something I need, I would not feel good just working in theaters. The tablao I think is the basis of an artist and I think that everyone has to go through a tablao. It’s a completely different way of working, I love it».