Ángel Reyes

Born in Córdoba in 1993, he started dancing at the young age of three years at the Tacón y Bordón school, having as a teacher María del Mar Román “La Chata” for ten years. At six years of age, he gets the first prize in the Veo Veo television contest. He has trained with artists such as Edu Lozano, Olga Pericet, Antonio Rios Fernandez “El Pipa”, Mercedes Ruiz, Antonio Canales, La Lupi, Jesús Carmona, Daniel Navarro, Alfonso Losa, among others.

Throughout his career he has participated in numerous performances as a solo dancer throughout the Spanish geography as well as in Switzerland, Jamaica, Brazil… He teaches flamenco dance courses in cities such as Laussanne (Switzerland), Campinas, Piracicabba or Itatiba (Brazil), Albuquerque (New Mexico), etc.

Premieres his own production, “A cada paso”, for the inauguration of the Fosforito Flamenco Center of Córdoba, subsequently taken by all the Andalusian provinces in the circuit of the Junta de Andalucía 8 Provinces, as well as other Spanish cities. Afterwards, he premiered a new show, “A buen entendedor”, which is taken to festivals such as Estival Cuenca.

He has participated as a guest artist in several shows and has performed as a soloist in events such as the Bienal Flamenca of Málaga, with a production of Flamenco Nau under the direction of “La Lupi” and under the name “Mar, tierra y enea”. He has also been part of the cast of bailaor Álvaro Paños for his new production “Romero de Torres”, premiered at the Góngora Theater in the city of Córdoba. Later, he premiered his new production “Ímpetus” at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid with the Compañía de Jesús Carmona, with which he participates in festivals such as the Festival de Jerez or Flamenco Festival in numerous cities in the USA.

First Prize of the Andalusian Competition of Young Flamencos Desencaja in the province of Córdoba. Second prize in the same event in Andalusia. Semifinalist of the International Festival of Cante de Las Minas 2017.

He is common in flamenco tablaos of recognized prestige such as Casa Patas, Corral de La Moreria, Las Carboneras, El Cortijo, La estación de los Porches (Madrid), Los Tarantos or Tablao Cordobés (Barcelona), Arte y Sabores, Patio de la Judería or Tablao El Cardenal (Córdoba).


Ángel Reyes interview

«From my training I would like to highlight the learning I had and the hours of study shared with a great partner, Estefanía Cuevas, dancer and friend who has helped me a lot in my professional and personal career. Teachers that stand out … Antonio Canales, Jesús Carmona, La Lupi … In general, everyone. I like to learn daily from both teachers and all my colleagues, I am of the opinion that you never go to bed without knowing something new.

»In my career I have many moments that I will never forget, among them when one of my current referents (Jesús Carmona) tells me that he wants to count on me for his production” Impetu’s “, I did not believe it. Another unforgettable moment was my time in the public market of La Unión at the Cante de Las Minas Festival, visiting the City Center in New York, the Sadler’s Wells in London … Many moments to remember.

»Tablao dance … For me, as a bailaor in continuous training, the tablao is like my house, it is where I feel most at ease, where I try to release my deepest truth, where I expose myself to an open heart. For me, the tablao is what I knew before, when I was 16 years old, I went to a tablao for the first time and today, 10 years later, I still think that life gives me the chance to get into a tablao day after day. And, if in that tablao you breathe and live an atmosphere of reality and truth, that is priceless. For me personally your home Las Carboneras met me just 3 years ago and has given me great moments and great learning. Thank you for having me as part of you».