Pino Losada

Diego Antonio Fernández Montoya, known as Pino Losada, is a leading flamenco guitarist from the famous family of artists from Madrid “Los Losada”.

He began his studies at 6 years of age with his father, Diego Losada. At 14 he began working in the most prestigious tablaos of Madrid and at 15 was part of the show by Antonio Canales “Raíces”. From that moment he started working with renowned dancers such as Juan de Juan, Rafael Amargo and Joaquín Cortés, among others. With the latter he worked on his show world renowned “Soul”.

Takes part of flamenco musical “Las mil y una noches”, formed by his family.

Is part of the recording of “La misa flamenca” where were involved  great artists of the stature of Potito, Guadiana, Duquende and “El Cigala” .

He has shared the stage with renowned dancers such as José Maya, Jesús Carmona, José Maldonado, Manuel Liñán, Alfonso Losa, “El Barullo”, Paloma Fantova, Belén López, David Paniagua, Issac y Nino de los Reyes, El Farru , Claudia Cruz, Gema Moneo, “El Torombo” y Farruquito, among others.

He often collaborates playing guitar in tablao from Madrid Las Carboneras.