Miguel El Rubio

He has grown up surrounded by flamenco art, touring from his childhood places directed by important artists such as Manolo Caracol and la Niña de los Peines

His debut as a flamenco dancer was at age 5 in the show “Los gnomos del flamenco”, directed by Antonio Fernández Montoya, Farruco Junior.

At the age of 8 he participated in the show “Triana pura” – Bienal de Flamenco – Sevilla Spain.

He has traveled throughout the Spanish geography participating in many shows, acting with the Fernández Family, Ricardo Miño, Rocío Molina, Remedios Amaya, Pastora Galván, La Argentina, El Pele, among others.

2005- Leading role in the show “Flamenco de raza” with the cantaor Curro Fernández in Clôitre Nazaire de Bézièrs (France and Switzerland).

2007-2008-Spectacle “Diquela” of “El Oruco” (Antwerp-Belgium)

2008- XV Bienal de Flamenco with the shows “+ Jóvenes + Flamenco” and “Peñas de guardia”, obtaining the Young Flamenco Prize (Teatro Alameda of Sevilla).

2010- Show “Danzaora” with bailaora Rocío Molina (Cuevas de Nerja-Málaga)

2010- Show “Vinatica” with bailaora Rocío Molina (France-Cádiz)

2011- Festival of Cante Grande by Casabermeja accompanying bailaora Carmen Ledesma and singer Manuel Moreno Maya “El Pele” (Málaga)

2011- “Yagori” at Gypsy Music Festival (Oslo, Noriega)

2011- Festival Mont de Marsan with “Danzaora” by bailaora Rocío Molina (France).

2011- Andalusí Music Festival with cantaora Esperanza Fernández (Casablanca-Morocco).

2011- Casa Patas with the dancer “El Oruco” and the cantaor Juan José Amador Jr. (Madrid).

2012- Flamenco Biennial, with “Triana plays, sings, dances” with Paco Taranto, Carmelilla Montoya, Remedios Amaya, Juan José Amador (Seville).

2013-Show with dancer Pastora Galván (Fuerteventura).

2014- International Womad Festival with the singer La Argentina (Fuerteventura).

2015-International Flamenco Festival, “Homage to Paco de Lucía” (Japan).

2016- Tour of China with the singer La Argentina.


Madrid: Casa Patas, Corral de la Morería, Villarosa, Las Carboneras, Madrid Flamenco Theater.

Seville: Los Gallos, Flamenquería.

Barcelona: The Cordobés.

Granada: Gardens of Zoraya.

Huelva: Felahmengu.

Valencia: El Duende.

For Miguel “El Rubio”, Rocío Molina points out:

«The elegance and class he has. What I like about him is that he is a relaxed content, he is not a tense content, but tasteful. I really liked the other time I was in the tablao watching him, I really liked how he danced the lyrics, he listened to them in a relaxed way and picked them up very nice, with a lot of wisdom and elegance, but with a lot of flavor too. So, I like that school he has, that I would not call it farruquera, but hey, they are both in the line, he with a lot of discretion and sweetness. Apart from that the kid is very good with palms too. He is discreet, but quiet and calm, as if he agreed with himself, which is what I think it makes it pretty».