Marina Perea Galeria

Marina Perea

Born in 1989 in Málaga. She began her studies in the flamenco school of Susana Lupiáñez “La Lupi” (2001-2013). She has a degree in Choreography and Interpretation of flamenco dancing at the Superior Dance Conservatory of Málaga in 2011. She continues as a student of the Flamenco Cante School of the Federation of Peñas Flamencas de Málaga for three years (2008-2011), with the teachers Virginia Gámez (cante), Curro de María (toque) and Susana Lupiáñez “La Lupi” (dance).

She received the first prize in the competition for young flamencos of the Federation of Peñas Flamencas of Málaga (2011).

She was awarded the second prize in the Tablao Villa Rosa competition, Madrid (July 2012).

She was a member of the flamenco company Susana Lupiáñez “La Lupi”, performing in various galas in Europe with the shows “7 historias hacen una vida” and “Carmen” by Bizet (2009-2011).

She was also a component of the Cía. Juan de Juan in the show “Sones negros” at the Festival Veranos de la Villa in the Jardines de Sabatini, Madrid (July 2014).

She was part of the Cía. José Porcel in the show “Moralejas” in Tel Aviv (September 2014) and in the tour of the United States with the show “Flamenco Fire” (September, October and November 2015).

She has been a flamenco dancer of the tablao Garlochí, Tokyo (Japan) (May-August 2017). At the moment she is a component of the flamenco picture of diverse tablaos of the capital like Villa Rosa, Las Carboneras, Cardamomo, Cantares, Las Tablas, La Estación de los Porches “(Madrid, from 2012).

«I think that flamenco dancing as such is forged from its beginnings in the tablaos, therefore I think it is fundamental for any dancer to experiment with his dance in a tablao and all that this entails, like improvisation and inspiration, the duende, self-confidence and ART by flag».