Mariana Collado

Mariana Collado

Almería dancer awarded with the first solo choreography prize in the XXI Choreography Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco of Madrid with the choreography “El cuervo y el reloj” by Kaari Martin (2012). Second prize for flamenco dance at the II International Dance Festival of Almería (2011). Creates and choreographies with Carlos Chamorro her first show “Vecinos” at the Flamenco Festival of Madrid (2016), with a great reception from critics and audiences; taking her on tour through the Stuttgart Flamenco Festival; 9th Casa Del Lago Festival (Mexico City); XV International Flamenco Festival of Moscow, among others. And in September of 2017, “Vecinos y la comunidad”, the second show of creation and joint management.

Stage director of the “Bodegón” shows, by the dancer and choreographer José Maldonado, premiered at Les Nuits FIamencas de Chateauvallon 2016 with the participation of Antonio Canales and Carmen Angulo as guest artists; “Ver, oír y bailar” by bailaor Francisco Hidalgo, premiered in 2017 and “La decisión”, by bailaora Laura González, also premiered that year.

Guest artist at the IV International Dance Festival of Almería in the Tres a compás Conference (2015). Soloist at the First International Flamenco Festival in Mexico, Flamenco Fest UNAM 2014 with the piece “El terreno del engaño“; at the Flamingo – Contemporary Flamenco Festival of Helsinki with the piece “Lady’s Circus” (2011).

Under the direction of Carlos Chamorro she is part of the company Malucos Danza working as a choreographer and dancer, participating in the shows “Lorca

Reloaded “(2012),” Sed “(2013) and in the choreographic pieces “María Ácida y Niño La Traca” and “Seres dormidos”(2013) as assistant director are part of the latest productions of the company, “Mujeres de Jacinto” (2016) and “La caja del gusano”(2017).

Participates as a soloist in the show “Dressed to Dance” at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow (2012) and in The Israel Festival in Jerusalem (2013) directed by Carlos Chamorro and produced by Margaret Jova.

Member of the Roni & Kaari Martin Company, she is a creator and soloist in the shows “Pippi Long Stockings”, “Flamenco trilogía” and “Kill Carmen” and the solos “El cuervo y el reloj” and “La femme rouge” from 2009 to the present.

In collaboration with the Casa Patas Foundation creates the show “Berimbol” (2013) at the Cultural Festival of Assilah and “Flamenco(s) de plomo y cobre” (2014) in Miami, Washington, Seattle and Olympia with the special collaboration of the choreographer and dancer Carlos Chamorro.

Jury at the XII International Flamenco Festival of Moscow (2013) together with Carlos Chamorro, Karen Lugo, Natalia Zaikova and Urbano Millán.

Participates in the XIII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla (2004), with the Andalusian Dance Center under the direction of Cristina Hoyos in the show “Los caminos de Lorca”.