Lidón Patiño

Lidón Patiño

Graduated by the Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid. Formed by the hand of great flamenco figures. She has worked in companies like Lola Greco. Soloist in several companies such as Rafael Amargo, José Huertas and Marta Fernández, and in the great show “De flamencas” by Marco Flores, among others.

In 2011 she is awarded the first prize of flamenco in the International Competition of Dance of Almería, and, at the end of that year, is awarded as Young Promise of Flamenco in the XX Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco of Madrid.

She has presented her own shows at prestigious festivals such as Suma Flamenca of Madrid, where she premiered “Reflejo“, and the Festival de Jerez, where she took the show “Flamenco”. She was also part of the Festival of New Flamenco Values ​​XI Larachí Flamenca, premiering her show in Seville and taking it to Paris and Turkey.

In April 2013 she traveled to Japan with Enrique “El Extremeño” and shared the stage with exceptional artists such as Juan de Juan, Jesús Carmona, La Moneta, Carmen la Talegona, Luis de Luis, Soraya Clavijo, Karime Amaya and Farruco for the Flamenco Festival in Japan 2013.

She has taught flamenco courses in different countries of the world, and during her stays in Madrid she teaches intensive courses at the prestigious flamenco school Amor de Dios.

In Madrid she works in tablaos such as Las Carboneras, Casa Patas, Villa Rosa, El Corral de la Morería, El Café de Chinitas, among others.

She is currently one of the components of the renowned fusion band Patáx, with which she has toured the best jazz festivals, traveling to countries like USA, Lithuania, France, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Morocco.