Laura González

Laura González

She was born in Madrid in 1981. She started her dance studies at the age of 4, preparing herself in different styles of dance and, at the age of 15, she began her training in flamenco at the school of Amor de Dios, studying with maestros like Ciro , Merche Esmeralda, Antonio Canales, La China, Belén Fernández, Alejandro Granados… At the age of 17 she began to work professionally traveling to Japan, as well as to various cities in Spain. In 2004 she works in the prestigious tablao El Flamenco (Tokyo) as a solo dancer. In 2006 and 2007 she acts as a guest dancer in tablao El Cordobés of Barcelona. She has also danced in prestigious tablaos in Madrid like Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Corral de la Morería or Corral de la Pacheca.
She has been a member of companies such as Compañía Tomás de Madrid, with whom she toured extensively in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; Los Losada (various Latin American tours as a solo dancer); Rocío Molina (with the shows “Entre paredes”, and “Cuando las piedras vuelen“; Belén Maya (with the shows “Los invitados“, “Recital” and “Los bailes de Belén Maya”, working in festivals such as Festival de Jerez, Seville Biennial 2014, Bilbao Flamenco Festival, Berlin and St. Petersburg Flamenco Festival, etc.), Puro Flamenco (company in which Juan Manuel Fernández “Farruquito” collaborates on a tour of Chile in June 2016 ).

She is required to participate in different festivals such as the Dance Cycle of Madrid Danzapiés, Flamenco Festival Silla de Oro (Flamenco Days of La Fortuna 2009 next to Marco Flores and Jesús Méndez), Flamenco Autumn in La Merced, Cádiz (collaborating with José Anillo) .
She has shared stage with artists such as Farruquito, Carmen Linares, Belén Maya, Rocío Molina, Hiniesta Cortés, Rosario Toledo, Marco Flores, Manuel Liñán, Olga Pericet, José Anillo, Encarna Anillo or Jesús Méndez.
She has given workshops and dance courses in Madrid, Seville, Japan, France, Germany and Brazil. In 2008, she presented her show “Retales“, at the Auditorio Mariana Pineda, a show with which she travels to countries such as Switzerland, Germany or France. “Retales” is a kind of delicate and laborious “patchwork” in which all the pieces fit perfectly: dance, sing, guitar and percussion, united in the common attempt to captivate, surprise and thrill.

In 2010 she moved to Seville where she works in Miércoles a Compás (space of Endanza), Museum of the Flamenco Dance of Cristina Hoyos, Peña Flamenca Pies Plomo, Peña Flamenca Torres Macarena …
From 2010 she works regularly in the prestigious Tablao Los Gallos.
Actually continues to collaborate with the company of Belén Maya in her different shows, combining it with his collaboration in the most prestigious tablaos of Madrid and Seville and with her solo career. In addition, she prepares her next project.

«For me the tablao is the largest school in flamenco»”

«The tablao gives you the opportunity to improvise at every dance, as well as forcing you to listen and respect the sing and the guitar. I personally have had wonderful nights at tablao, where unique and unrepeatable moments are created that cannot be given in a theater or other place where everything has to be measured and rehearsed».