José Jurado

José Jurado

Cordoba dancer, in 1992 he entered the Conservatory of Cordoba finishing studies of Spanish dance and accessing classical dance with excellent results. He has taken classes with El Güito, Rafael Campallo, José Antonio, Aída Gómez, Aurora Bosch, Alfonso Losa, Andres Marin, Mercedes Ruiz, Marco Flores and Manuel Liñán.

He is incorporated in 2001 to the Andalusian Dance Company where he participated in productions touring theaters in New York, Washington, Boston, Bangkok, Prague, Budapest, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao … In 2003, he joins Cristina Hoyos and tours several theaters with the show “Yerma” in which he participates. In 2004, he shares the stage with Rafaela Carrasco, Belén Maya and Manuel Liñán and he performs in the Bienal de Sevilla. That same year he joined the company of Aída Gómez and he participates in the making of the film “Iberia” directed by Carlos Saura. In 2005, he joined María Pagés company. Since then he continues to work with her visiting the best theaters and festivals worldwide.

Alongside his work with Pagés, Jurado has his own shows, such as “Manolete, arte, pasión y muerte”, which he represented in 2010 during the Noche Blanca del Flamenco of Córdoba.

In February 2012, he traveled to Algiers to direct and star in his show “Templanza” in the XIII European Cultural Festival in Algeria. In late 2013, he toured the US with that show. Currently, he combines the stage with his work as a professor at the Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas Foundation.

In all these years he has performed in numerous tablaos among which is Las Carboneras, in Madrid.

As a soloist he has won the fourth prize in the contest of La Perla de Cádiz (2007).

“Dancing in the tablaos is booming”

«At present, due to the scarcity of flamenco programming in theaters in Spain, dancing in the tablaos in the boom, as the artist has the need to express their feelings and in them they have the opportunity not to lose contact with the stage.
Personally, it brings me a constant learning and awakens my creativity, because, when you coincide with different artists, you can see the form that each one understands this art.
It is an experience for all the artists to pass because it makes the artist mature in all the senses».