• Claudia Cruz
    she toured as guest artist with the show “Niña Pastori en Navidad”
  • Ismael de la Rosa “El Bola”
    He began his professional work with only 7 years old
  • Saray García
    With only 7 years old he starts to receive flamenco dance classes
  • Lucía de Miguel
    In 2004 she created Estuaria, a company that she currently manages
  • Mariana Collado
    Because it is intelligence, anticipation, reflection, struggle, and above all, beauty
  • juan fernandez
    He is currently in Seville at the Manuel Betanzos school, perfecting his flamenco studies
  • beatrix molnar
    She works at international flamenco festivals in Spain and outside our borders
  • Merry Christmas Menu
    Enjoy these days with this special menu and our flamenco show in Las Carboneras
  • Gema Moneo
    She currently works in tablaos of Jerez, tablao El Arenal (Sevilla) and Las Carboneras (Madrid)
  • Elena Ollero
    For me, the tablao is the best school there is and where you manage to be yourself
  • Pedro Córdoba
    In the tablao we are naked, to put it in some way, you can not cover yourself behind a beautiful choreography, there you have to get the truth out
  • Marina Perea
    I think that flamenco dancing as such is forged from its beginnings in the tablaos, therefore I think it is fundamental for any dancer to experiment with his dance
  • Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”
    I love Las Carboneras because I feel that there is a lot of freedom, you can be who you are, you can propose the things you want to do
  • lidon-patino/
    She has taught flamenco courses in different countries of the world, and during her stays in Madrid she teaches intensive courses at the prestigious flamenco school Amor de Dios.
  • Manuel Liñán
    In the Festival of Jerez 2014 he premieres the fourth production of his company, “Nómada”.
  • Águeda Saavedra
    Currently she is part of the company Marco Flores with the show “Entrar al juego” premiered at the Festival de Jerez in february 2016.
  • José Jurado
    “Dancing in the tablaos is booming”
  • Marina González
    Winner of the "Juana la Faraona" awards in the Young Values Contest, 2009. First prize for choreography. Barcelona, 2014.
  • Nino de los Reyes
    join the group that accompanied Paco de Lucia in the show “Beyond the Memory” in honor of the maestro.
  • La Popi
    Professor at the Marta de La Vega Academy. Dance courses and flamenco culture in Naples, Benevento, Japan …
  • Hugo Lopez
    first prize in the Andalusian Young Flamenco Contest 2010
  • Vanesa Coloma
    She is one of the artists invited assiduous of the Tablao Las Carboneras
  • Salome Ramírez
    2nd prize of the flamenco dance contest of Tablao Las Carboneras 2016.
  • Miguel Ángel Heredia
    He currently has his own dance school in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Laura González
    For me the tablao is the largest school in flamenco
  • Jose Manuel Zurano
    "Regarding tablao, it's the places where I like to work."
  • 1st fortnight July
    This first half of July do not miss the performance of our artists, highlighting ...
  • 2nd fortnight July
    This second half of July do not miss the performance of our artists, highlighting ...
  • Count of Miranda
    Dinner with Show 70.50 €
  • Marina González y Jesús Fernández
    Marina González and Jesús Fernández act in Las Carboneras
  • Irene la sentio
    "In the tablao one comes in contact with the truth of each one"
  • Juan José Villar
    «Tablao dance is a way of understanding flamenco»
  • Olga Llorente
    She is currently working with Rafael Amargo in his company
  • Guadalupe Torres and Adrián Santana
    Guadalupe Torres and Adrián Santana are the invited artists of Tablao Las Carboneras the second half of April
  • El Oruco and Miguel “El Rubio”
    The brothers El Oruco and Miguel "El Rubio", dance in the Tablao Las Carboneras of Madrid in the first two weeks of April
  • Plaza Mayor Menu
    Dinner with Show 73.00 €
  • Flamenco oils
    Exhibition of flamenco oils by José Maldonado
  • “CON-FUSIÓN, tattoos and flamenco”
    Roberta Venere strengthens our look at a cross between tattoo and flamenco in the new exhibition of the Tablao Las Carboneras in Madrid